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Za pregledavanje Pukkinih priča, savjeta i događanja - ovdje ćete naći sve! Želimo Vam puno zadovoljstva u otkrivanju Pukkinih tajni.
3rd listopada 2014

The origins of Chywanaprash & Golden Preserve

Chywanaprash is India's equivalent of our cod liver oil; its a daily nutritious tonic used to help us top up those parts other tonics can't reach. Millions of teaspoons of chywanaprash are eaten everyday in India because of its revered rejuvenating powers. The story of Rishi Chywana, after whom it was named, inspires users to this day. Find out more about the origins here.

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2nd listopada 2014

The Natural Health Service with Satish Kumar

Peace and environmental change activist Satish Kumar believes Western medicine is about curing, while Eastern medicine is about caring. Karen Charlesworth from ACU magazine and the British Acupuncture Council talked with him about nature, medicine and integrating it all together.

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1st listopada 2014

Evolving the Envelope

As our new Pukka tea designs evolved, we also looked at our packaging. In this first article Anne talks through the positive impact we've made on the environment through the changes to our envelopes - one of the most common items we get questions about.

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29th srpnja 2014

Latitude – Pukka style

July 2014. Latitude Festival and 30,000 people basked in the sunshine to enjoy the music, the food and a whole new Pukka experience at our deliciously colourful world in the Village.

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28th srpnja 2014

Green Tea Revolution

In 2013, we decided we wanted to revolutionise green tea for people - so here's the story of what we did and why.

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