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Alliance for Natural Health International

14th listopada 2014

The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-Intl) is an independent organisation established in 2002 that promotes natural, sustainable and bio-compatible approaches to healthcare—using ‘good science’ and ‘good law’. Its four core activities are education and awareness-raising, research, legal and advocacy. Pukka is proud to be a gold member of their innovators club contributing to the multifaceted work of promoting natural herbal health.

ANH-Intl’s mission of ‘love nature, live naturally’ covers a plethora of issues related to natural health ranging from using food and activity as medicine, protecting herbal products from over-zealous regulators, and keeping GMOs, fluoride and synthetic additives out of our food and water. Human beings are a product of natural evolution. That’s why we tend to respond better to natural things we’ve been exposed to for eons as compared with new-to-nature chemicals created within the last few generations. Time and time again, we’ve been shown we are most successful when we work with nature, rather than against it.

Founded by Robert Verkerk PhD, internationally acclaimed expert in sustainability, ANH-Intl operates principally from two bases, one in the UK and a second in the USA. ANH as a whole collaborates with scientists, lawyers, medical doctors, health practitioners, politicians, consumers and companies to help shape scientific and legal frameworks that widen support for, and adoption of, natural healthcare.

At ANH-Intl, we believe that healthcare should respect our evolutionary heritage. We passionately believe in working with and not against nature. And we do all we can to help promote and protect natural health, and help inspire personal empowerment and freedom of choice in healthcare.

Dr. Robert Verkerk, Executive and Scientific Director

Robert is an internationally acclaimed scientist with over 25 years experience in the field of agricultural and healthcare sustainability, having worked in academia, industry and the not-for-profit sector. He has worked extensively in Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas as well as Europe. After leaving Imperial College London in 2002, he founded the Alliance for Natural Health, which he has headed since.