Come alive to the power of Organic Wellbeing

23rd lipnja 2014

We’ve created and formulated, with Pukka love and care, a collection of 47 foods, juices, oils, and supplements to give your life the ultimate herbal boost.

Arranged into 8 wellbeing families, we call these jewels of goodness Pukka Organic Wellbeing. 

For real life results

Pukka Organic Wellbeing has been uniquely created from over three years of extensive research and testing using the latest scientific advances and Pukka’s clinical excellence. We’ve used our understanding of which herbal and nutritional combinations work in real life – to deliver real results in yours.

Alongside this, we’ve added the potency and vitality of some of nature’s most incredible fairly-traded and organic plants, grown in the most fertile organic soils in the world, to give your day, your wellbeing – and your life – real power.

10 times more effective

The calibre of ingredients in our Organic Wellbeing family is second to none, a result of over a decade’s work by our Pukka Quality Team.

Their expertise in herbal medicine, organic agriculture, sustainable wild harvesting, and herbal analysis means that only the highest quality whole herbs and extracts make it into our Organic Wellbeing range.

They work directly with specialist growers of organic plants, assessing the plant’s phytochemical and sensory quality in Pukka’s Bristol lab. Then they use a ground-breaking method, developed exclusively with Pukka – a Pukka first, if you like – to capture the most potent compounds in these herbs.

These compounds are carefully concentrated by our team to seal-in every molecule of goodness, which means every plant extract used in Pukka Organic Wellbeing formulas is truly ‘whole’ – or, to put it another way, truly ‘pukka’.

The result: our Organic Wellbeing range is 10 times more effective than standard powders or capsules, so you can take less and still enjoy more of nature’s vitality.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it – Pukka’s Organic Wellbeing range is powerful enough to speak for itself. All you have to do is try it.

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Sebastian Pole, Sebastian Pole, Co-founder and Master Herbsmith

Hello There. I’m a Co-founder and the Master Herbsmith at Pukka Herbs. As well as having the most amazing job of formulating all our organic teas and supplements I am a passionate environmentalist – that’s why we are 100% organic, pioneers in sustainably sourcing herbs with FairWild, and we give 1% of our turnover for rejuvenating the Planet. I also run my own herbal practice in Bath which I’ve done since 1998. I practise an eclectic blend of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine and am a registered member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners. I love using the principles of Ayurveda (aka the ancient art of living wisely) – coupled with insights of traditional healing and modern science - to help create the best of health. Inspired by my time in India, I love cooking a vegetarian feast and rely on regular yoga practice with lots of herbal teas and tonics to keep me well. I am passionate about running a business that inspires positive change and brings the benefit of the incredible power of plants to everyone we connect with – from our farmers, collectors, Pukka team to you. I live on a two acre garden-farm in Somerset where I grow a rainbow spectrum of medicinal and nourishing plants for my bees and family to thrive on.