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Creating virtuous circles

3rd srpnja 2014

Throw a stone into a pond and watch the ripples spread outwards, further and further, until they reach the water’s edge. It’s the same with Pukka; the sustainable herbs we use for our teas and supplements support livelihoods and protect the planet. The more we support livelihoods and protect the planet, the more sustainable herbs we’re able to bring into your life for you to share with others.

It’s beautiful. And it was always meant to be. From the moment we started the business, Sebastian and I wanted Pukka to be a force for good. We wanted to create benefits that would flow onwards, extending outwards, to create more and more goodness as they went – circles of virtue or benevolence, if you like – which would touch and change lives for the better.


From small seeds

The first seeds of this were sown with Sebastian’s early work out in the far-flung regions of the world. As he went from India to Sri Lanka, from Sri Lanka to Vietnam, looking for the finest grade herbs for Pukka’s teas and supplements, he met farmers who were growing remarkable plants in a sustainable, organic way, thus protecting the environment and wildlife around them.

By partnering with these farmers, we knew not only could we help provide them with a better quality of life (for many are very poor), but we could also conserve the planet as we did.

It became a virtuous circle. 


Good taste spreads

The herbs the sustainable farmers grew were truly superior to the ‘dust’ you sometimes find in herbal teas. Because of this, and also thanks to Sebastian’s master blending skills, our herbal teas won award after award for their delicious taste.

As the word spread about Pukka’s delicious tasting teas, more and more people tried them; telling their friends how good they were as they did so.

The ripples began to widen: as more people bought Pukka teas, we were able to extend the number of farmers who grew our herbs, teaching them the secrets of sustainable organic farming so they could protect more plant species for future generations, help conserve the beauty of the regions in which the herbs thrived, and enjoy a more comfortable, secure life with their families.


Pukka and you

Of course, this cycle of benevolence is still flowing healthy today. And you’re a key part of it; because every time you choose Pukka, and every time you share Pukka with another person, you’re helping the benefits ripple onwards to touch the lives of more herb-growers and tea-makers around the planet.

In fact, you could say you’re helping to change the world one cup of tea at a time. Which is not bad going for simply boiling the kettle and putting your feet up for five minutes, is it?

Pukka Logo

Tim Westwell, Co-founder

I’m co-founder of Pukka and the one chiefly responsible for managing it all. Like Sebastian, I believe passionately in bringing the wonders of herbs to as many people as possible whilst considering the environment they come from. Thus connecting everything together in a benevolent way so that people, plants and planet live in harmonious balance. I discovered the magic of herbs after an issue with my own health - I realised I could try and live a happier, more conscious life which I continue to aspire to do now - with my family - in the countryside just south of Bristol.